Construction Management

Our expertise is centred on maximizing energy yields through Standard design and selection of quality-good components. We guarantee our designs and implementing the procurement strategy as Owner’s Agent as well as we suggest the owner to appoint Installation contractors. We coordinate, supervise, and manage construction activities undertaken by the Installation contractor. We currently manage all the following on behalf of our owners:

  • Engineering & Design Co-Ordination
  • Store and HR Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Construction Supervision
  • Plant Testing & Commissioning Support
  • Plant Handover
Our Services Include
Engineering & Design Co-Ordination

In order to maintain an effective engineering & design coordination, our site team ensures close monitoring of project documents and progress at the site and assist EPC/developer to maintain the following:

  • Design & Engineering Co-ordination between in-house site team and Developer/EPC team.
  • Facility Management by visiting site along with developer/EPC to overcome the bottlenecks and communication protocol.
  • To ensure updated drawings are maintained and followed at site.
  • Collection of Inputs for As-Built Drawings.
Store and HR Management
  • Maintenance of Incoming, Issuance of Stock Registers
  • Maintenance of DC and Invoice of Various Equipment’s and Materials
  • Preparation of Goods Receipt Note (GRN)
  • Maintenance of Issue and Return Voucher of Materials from Sub Contractors
  • Monthly Stock Statement and Final Reconciliation
  • Maintenance of all the statutory documents such as Attendance, ESI, PF and Insurance of Sub Contractors and other various agencies
  • Facilitate Approval from Local Labour Inspector
Construction Supervision:
  • Monitor overall project progress and submit the Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports for Plan Vs Actual and the reason for deviations along with revised recovery plans for the overall activities for the project.
  • Organize and participate in the periodical project meeting with relevant stakeholders.
  • Proactively identify all risks and recommend actions to mitigate the same.
  • Supervision of construction works as per Quality standards (QAP) and submission of Non Conformity (NCR) and Critical Observations (COR) Reports.
  • During Mechanical Completion, We Provide Punch Point List related to each Sub Contractor scope of work.
Health and Safety Management

ACERENEWTECH deputes HSE experts at the site for enhancing HSE practices and ensuring compliance with the HSE requirements.

  • Development of Health and Safety Management Manual for Approval from Client
  • Implementation and Monitoring the Sub Contractor’s adherence to Standard Safety Working Procedures and Compliance to the HSE Manual
  • Submission of Monthly HSE Performance Report.
  • We shall immediately report and investigate all HSE incidents, including Potential Incidents if any. And send a report with 24 hours of the incident
  • To ensure effective communication on HSE issues, we will conduct various types of meetings (Daily HSE Meeting, Induction, Tool Box Talks Etc.) and display HSE information display boards and notices/signs at sites.
  • We conduct HSE Inspection & audits to identify deficiencies in existing HSE management system and suggest corrective action to improve the performance of system.
Plant Testing & Commissioning

We provide commissioning and system integration support in coordination with EPC contractors/Project Developer and equipment supplier to ensure plant safety and successful operation. Our Detailed Scope Includes:

  • Assist EPC Contractor/Developer in Preparation of Pre-commissioning checklists for various systems, equipment and services to achieve high construction quality
  • Witnessing On-Site Test of DC String and SCB Voc Checking
  • Witnessing all the On-Site Testing of Major AC Equipment such as Transformer, Inverter, HT Panel, C&R Panel, CT&PT & Other Switchyard Equipment’s etc.
  • Witnessing all the On-Site Testing of Minor LT AC Equipment’s such as LT Panels, Aux Trafo, UPS, Battery System, NIFPS and Fire Alarm System
  • Witnessing On-site tests such as IR and Hi-Pot test of Cables and Earth Resistance test of all the individual Earth Pit
  • Review Relay setting of Major Equipment
  • Giving Inputs for SCADA Front End Screen/Display for efficient monitoring
  • Special Services related to Module: Provide IR Drone Thermograph to identify Hotspots/Non Performing Modules or Strings. And IV Curve tracing on the Individual Module/Strings to measure the performance of modules/strings as per the datasheet
Plant Acceptance Procedure

We provide proper handover of project documents such as witnessing plant acceptance tests report at various stages for a successful plant operation w.r.t to civil and electrical works. And assure the client that plant is constructed as per projected design and specification. Our Scope Includes:

  • Ensure the Mechanical Completion of the system as per the Approved Drawing and Specification with Minor remarks list, which has to be completed before handover or start of Performance Guarantee Period
  • Preparation and submission of As Built drawings to the O&M Team
  • Provide Project Completion Report.
  • Review of all the project completion documents such as O&M manual, Non Confirmation Report, Pre Commissioning and Site Test Reports and ensure the works have been carried out as per the agreed specification and standards
  • Witnessing the Plant Performance for Provisional and Final Acceptance as per Contractual terms. If any shortfall in generation of units, we provide short and long term solutions to address the problem.

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