Quality Assurance

Our quality policy is an enabler for our team to upgrade their workmanship continuously and deliver products with zero defect adding value to our customers.

Implementing a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) will efficiently diminish the technology risk associated with the solar investment. Robust quality systems need to be in phase for performing a vigorous material level evaluation, production process and post-production process.

ACE has stringent Testing and quality assurance plan at OEM place to maintain equipment standards as per project specifications and design requirements.

Our scope involves:
Site Quality Assurance Plan
  • Supervision of construction works as per Quality standards (QAP) and submission of Non Conformity (NCR) and Critical Observations (COR) Reports.
  • During Mechanical Completion, We Provide Punch Point List related to each Sub Contractor scope of work.
Module Quality Assurance
  • Review of BOM, IEC Certificate & Reports and Manufacturing Quality Plan
  • Review of 3rd Party Certified PAN File or Factory Inspection report
  • Factory Audit
  • Incoming Material Inspection as per approved BOM
  • In Process Inspection
  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • Provide In-Process Inspection and Pre-Shipment Inspection reports.
Other Balance of System Quality Assurance
  • Factory Audit
  • Review of BOM, IEC Certificate & Reports and Manufacturing Quality Plan
  • Witnessing Factory Acceptance Test as per approved MQP
  • Provide Pre Shipment Inspection report
  • In Some cases, Provide Material Dispatch Clearance Certificate after reviewing the routine and Pre Shipment inspection reports

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