Pre Bid Engineering

Pre-bid Engineering activities include understanding tender criteria, arriving at the overall configuration, equipment sizing to suit tender stipulations, a compilation of technical as well as the commercial bid with focus on optimum design and cost.

Estimation of project cost based on the expertise and database of ACE Renewtech including all the cost components w.r.t equipment, design, engineering, manufacture, installation and commissioning as well as other fixed costs, O&M cost, etc.,

Broad Scope of Pre-bid Engineering services include:
  • Review of RFP Documentation
  • Project Startup and Financial Requirements
  • Contractor and Owner’s basic Obligations
  • Project Warranties and Plant performance benchmarks
  • Technical Specifications
  • Project Performance Guarantee Estimation like CUF, PR or kWh/Annum
  • Defects Liability Criteria
  • Project Acceptance Criteria

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