Design and Detailed Engineering

We offer Solar PV Energy Solution design engineering services incorporating Pre-Engineering Plan sets for transforming into the Conceptual Plan sets to ensure our technical approach will meet the necessary relevant local and International Standards with respect to equipment’s selection, Electrical & Civil design and Safety aspects.

  • Pre-Engineering Plan sets
  • Detailed Engineering Plan sets
  • As-built Plan sets
  • Review and Documentation

Based on the Standards, Key technical considerations and Specifications, the detailed engineering plan sets are executed to ensure that the “Design Engineering Implementation” has met all the prerequisites for initiating Construction.

Overall Project Layout
  • The layout of the shadow-free area consisting of modules based on the Geo-Technical and Hydrology Studies.
  • Overall Plant Layout indicates the location of various equipment and buildings.
  • Shadow diagram with respect to the distance between the rows of modules, and Keep outs / Obstructions in the site.
  • Internal and Peripheral Road Cross Section.
  • Module Mounting Structure GA.
Civil and Infrastructure Design
  • Foundation and Construction drawings of Modules Mounting Structure (MMS), Inverter, Transformer and Inverter Control Room.
  • Preparation of Module Cleaning System with Water Treatment design and Instrumentation & Pipeline Network design.
  • Preparation of drawings for water storage sumps/overhead tanks and conceptual design for the water line from the bore well filtration unit.
  • Preparation of different types of Roads & Fencing Drawings as per site conditions.
Structural Work Design
  • Module arrangement table GA diagram in line with vendor drawing.
  • Review of Module Mounting Structure (MMS) diagram with STAAD Analysis from the vendor with necessary data for withstanding higher wind speed
  • Design and Review of Pre Engineered Building for Inverter room and Watchtower.

Electrical work Assessment

Electrical DC Drawings
  • DC Side Single line diagrams
  • String Combiner Boxes (SCB) Co-Ordinate Layout.
  • Cable and Conduit design calculation
  • Cable trench layout
  • Earthing Design Calculation and Layout.
  • Comprehensive BOQ Estimation
Production Yield Assessment
  • Meteorological Analysis
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • P50, P75 and P90 production forecasts.
Electrical AC Drawings
  • Complete AC Side Single Line Diagram
  • Short Circuit Force, Fault Level and NCT Calculation
  • Inverter, MCR and Switchyard Equipment Layout
  • LT, HT and Communication Cable Sizing Calculations
  • LT, HT and Communication Cable Schedule
  • Auxiliary Single Line Diagram for Inverter, MCR and Switchyard
  • Auxiliary Trafo, Battery and UPS Sizing Calculation
  • MCR, Switchyard, Inverter Transformer Yard Earthing Calculation
  • Design of MCR, Switchyard, Inverter Transformer Yard Earthing Layout
  • Internal and External Lighting Layout
  • DSLP Calculation and Layout for Switchyard
  • Complete Plant SCADA DI, DO and AI Estimation
  • Comprehensive BOQ Estimation
  • Interface Engineering with Electrical Contractor

Procurement Services

We at ACE assure to protect the owner’s interest by confirming that the technical, procurement specification and construction are adhering sufficiently to the standards and regulations. The constant review will be made at every phase of the project. The procurement selection criteria is based on the following:

Estimation of Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

Preparation of detailed BOQ (Bill of Quantity) with technical specifications for procurement of following major items,

  • Modules
  • Inverters
  • Module Mounting Structure (MMS)
  • String combiner boxes (SCB)
  • DC, AC, Control cables & Connectors
  • SCADA System, Module washing system, Power interfacing panel, Fire Alarm protection, Lightning system, Earthing system, Cables, Transformers, Switchgear panels, Civil works for building and AC electrical installation & miscellaneous supply.

Validation of equipment cost based on vendor quotes for various equipment and systems for firming up project cost.

Request for Proposal (RFP) & Review
  • Preparation of RFP documents with technical specifications, standard bill of materials (BOM)
  • Reviewing of all the required components to be procured, providing clarifications, submitting offer evaluation report
  • Review of vendor documents such as specification sheet/datasheet, obtained BIS/IEC certifications, test reports and certifications warranty documents, organization profile, etc.
  • Working out various options and alternatives and carrying out financial analysis for each option.
  • Presenting the results of the above analysis to clients to have a proper understanding of anticipated profitability and strategize to arrive at a competitive final price to be offered to the vendor.

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