Solar EPC Solutions

ACE Renewtech offers various effective solutions for harnessing an abundance of solar energy for maximizing savings and contribution towards clean energy sources. Below is the type of Financial Model for the choosing:


Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to setup a Solar power is borne by the customer. ACE play the role of EPC company which in turn take care of Design , Procurement and installation and commissioning asset . In addition, Ace will be providing the technical expertise services such as Feasibility reports, Detailed Project report, liasoning with Electricity board, CEIG and other government agencies for approvals and other statutory clearance based on the project location. In a nut shell from Concept to Commissioning will be taken care by ACE.

In CAPEX model Customer holds the ownership of the plant and eligible for tax benefits for depreciation. The payback period for CAPEX model works around 6-7 years considering all the factors like module degradation , operation and maintenance cost etc…


The Operating expenses (OPEX) are borne by the Customer, the entire investment of installing the Solar Plant and operation/maintenance will be in the scope of ACE. This method of operation is also called as RESCO Model (Renewable Energy service company) or BOOT ( Build, Own, Operate, transfer) Model. In Opex model the Customer pays for the power consumed by entering in to a Power Purchae agreement (PPA) with ACE at a mutual agreed tariff rate for a maximum period of 25 years.

When the PPA term ceases the assets will be transferred to the customer at an agreed price and the Customer do have a choice of buy back during PPA period on mutually agreed pricing.

Below are the available types of application that can be chosen under the Financial Model:

  • In-Plant Solution (On-Grid/Grid Interactive Solar)
  • Open Access Ground Mounted Solution Away from the Premises– (On-Grid/Grid Interactive Solar)
  • Solar with BESS – Battery Storage Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Sector
In-Plant solution

The Solar PV Power project will be installed in technically vantage location inside the Customer’s plant premises. The following types of installation shall be executed based on Customer’s choice.

  • The Solar plant can be installed in the available shadow free space on the roof of the Plant or any other building inside the plant premises.
  • Ground Mounted Solar plant can be installed in available shadow free space inside the plant premise.
  • Roof of Car parking sheds can be utilized for installation of Solar Plant.

In general, the life of the installed solar power plant is of 25 years. The In-Plant solutions are mostly Grid-Interactive solar where the power from the solar plant will be fed to the plant consumption during solar generation hours. Power generated by the installed Solar plant shall be used by the customer based on the consumption requirements and any excess generated power shall be exported to the grid.

Open-Access Solution

The Solar PV Power Ground Mounted project will be installed in any location within the state/union territory and the power will be fed in the local substation. The life of the installed solar power plant is 25 years. This concept is known as wheeling concept where the power will be exported to the local substation and energy consumption shall be adjusted in the Plant Bill after Technical losses and Open Access Charges.

Companies are free to choose the below models provided by local Electricity authority to wheel their power:

  • Captive Mode: This mode requires 100% investment to an EPC (ACE) from the client and ACE will locate a feasible land bank, arrange permissions, design and engineer the plant. The power generated from this plant will be injected into the nearest sub-station and the client will receive an offset on their bill and minimum charges will be applicable based on local state open access policy.
  • Group Captive Mode: This Mode Power purchaser enters a PPA agreement with Client and becomes a part of the project by investing 26% of 30% of the project equity and balance by the developer, by doing this they become a part of a consortium. ACE as an EPC will locate a feasible land bank, arrange permissions, design, and engineer the plant. The power generated from this power plant will be injected into the nearest sub-station, and only limited charges will be applicable based on local state open access policy.
  • 3rd Party Mode: This mode requires 100% investment from Client with zero investment from purchaser, who will construct and maintain the solar farm through an EPC (ACE) that will produce solar energy. The energy produced will be injected into the nearest substation or the regional grid after deducting applicable Open access charges including any surcharges or cross- subsidy charges which depends on local state open access policy.

All the open-access projects are utility scale grid-interactive projects, where the consumer shall plan for 60-80 % of their overall power utilization according to the state policies.

Solar with BESS

The Battery Energy storage system (BESS) is an emerging technology in medium and largescale utility plant which is installed in-plant premises or Off site premises via Open access model. The capacity of the Solar power plant is decided based on the primary factors of Customer’s energy and demand requirement. BESS works in tandem with Solar Power or any renewable plants and stores energy which can be utilized later based on the Customers need to meet peak hour, firm power demands or stabilize the grid to cut down energy cost. The storage technology currently used is Lithium-ion batteries which in turn reduces the Grid dependency for power needs to an extent.

We have our own battery storage Solution offering through our sister concern ACELION Energy Storage Solution Private Limited, refer

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