Operations & Maintenance Contractor

Be it single or multiple sites, we offer tailor-made services from small rooftop systems to large utility-scale systems. Our well trained and dedicated O&M team will ensure system up-time and maximize the performance ratio – thereby maximizing return on investment and monitor through numerous evaluations as per international standards. We command an all-seeing eye over the project to detect and our techie will inspect and improve even the slightest slag in the performance of the solar system.

We Guarantees on Performance Ratio, Plant Uptime and Response time

Our Services Include:

Preventive Maintenance
  • Array Maintenance
  • Equipment PM
  • Module Visual Inspection
  • Module Cleaning
  • Vegetation and Plant debris Cleaning
  • Mechanical and Civil maintenance
  • Switch Yard & Transmission Line
  • Roads & Lightings
Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  • Assistance for local NOC
  • Renewal of License/Certificates
  • Approvals from State Departments
  • Co-Ordination with Customer
Warranty Management
  • To manage and keep track of warranty enforcement processes
  • To reduce downtime of the power plant
  • For documentation of complaints and communication with OEMs
  • Managing warranty renewal activities
  • Analyzing costs incurred during the warranty period

Why Periodical Preventive Maintenance?

Flow of Corrective Maintenance

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