Best Practices for Operation and Maintenance of Solar Power Plant

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As the energy crisis continuously spreads around us with frequent power cuts and high electricity bills, many Indians are making a shift to green solar power. It offers a self-reliant and overall inexpensive alternative to meeting one’s own energy requirements. But as with most appliances, solar energy systems also require time-to-time maintenance for peak performance and operation.  Operation and Maintenance of Solar power plant is not as complicated as they do not have any moving parts and require infrequent checks. But for best upkeep of the hardware, we recommend regular checks on selected parts of the solar power system. Most Solar Industry Company India provide intricate packages for the care and appropriate results from your power plant. For maximum output from your solar system, keep an eye out for the following practices:


The solar panel modules require the most attention, with frequent maintenance every 2 weeks. The panels must be cleaned properly with soft-bristled brushes to remove any remaining debris or dust. Afterward, a good wash and dry can only benefit the performance of the panels as it increases the life expectancy of the modules while operating at maximum capacity.


Inverters need to be inspected once a month to check the proper functioning of indicators and connections. The inverters must be installed in such a place that it stays dry and ventilated.

Cabling Connector:

For cabling connectors, proper connection must be maintained between the male and female connector pipes to prevent any outbreak of fire. Apart from that, wires need thorough examination for any breakages or cracks in insulation etc.


Transformer maintenance is more detailed as it requires logging in the data of different parameters daily. Factors like operating temperature, oil temperature, winding temperature and oil level are tracked. Simultaneously, thorough cleaning must be undertaken twice a year. Transformer performance can be better understood by conducting IR tests and yearly cable checks. As the Leading O&M Solution Provider, we offer to take this tedious work off of your hands while maintaining the smooth operation of your power system.

External Elements:

External elements like rodents and dust can hamper the operation and performance of your solar energy system. Hence, the system must be properly sealed away to minimize entry of external factors.

Remote Monitoring:

Lastly, entire solar systems can be remotely monitored to check for signs of breakage or improvement. Solar Engineering Company in India provides many such options that reduce the workload and take responsibility for the optimized functioning of your solar power system.

In spite of the world moving fast to welcome solar energy as the optimal green alternative, people are still often intimidated by its maintenance and installation. As the Leading O&M Solution Provider, we believe that each one of our customers should receive the maximum production from their set-up.  We provide many solutions for the Operation and Maintenance of Solar power plant to make the transition smoother and feasible for you. With our carefully crafted solutions, we believe you are bound to feel confident and satisfied with the abundant energy production.